How to use the payment form

Payments with SimplePay is a really simple process.
Here we show a step by step payment of a test user, using testing data. The values you see won't work in a real payment.

The Payment Form

When you want to pay something with SimplePay, you'll be greeted with a payment form, asking you for your card data.
This form will ask you for your card number, expiration date, CVC and name. All of these values can be seen in the front of your card except CVC.
The CVC is a 3 to 4 digit number printed on the back side of your card.

Add Your Data

In some cases we'll prompt you for a phone number or an email address. This data is needed for us to communicate with you on a successful payment.
When you finish all typing all the values in the proper fields, you can click the "PAY" button. Note that in this image, the values are only for testing purposes. This values are not valid on a real payment.

Securely Add Your PIN

Here we establish a communication with your bank and ask you for your PIN.
When added you can click the "SUBMIT" button to continue with your payment process.

Securely Add Your One Time Password

If your card requires an One Time Password (OTP), you will be prompted to enter it.
After this, click on the "CONFIRM" button and wait for the result.

Finished Payment

That's it. If everything was successful with your bank, the window will automatically close.